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Children's Book Bank

The Children's Book Bank supports early literacy development with four levels of beneficiaries: children, parents, literacy, and the community. Their programming is directed toward children in need from birth through grade 8 and supports early education and literacy development by providing books as tools. These books mean children have the tools they need to develop important pre-reading skills, to support early reading achievement, and to prevent learning loss when school is not in session. The books that they give also help parents change family reading attitudes and behaviors and support families with adult literacy challenges in literacy development. This distribution of books as tools complements existing literacy programs conducted by organizations such as public schools and Head Start. The Children’s Book Bank was established in part to provide the community with a place for families to donate the books their children have outgrown and keep this valuable resource out of landfills. In addition, their kid-friendly volunteer sessions provide families, schools and other groups with meaningful opportunities to foster philanthropy in the next generation. Learn more about donating books and volunteering.

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