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Wilderness Warriors

Have you ever been a member of the Military? Have you ever been deployed to another country during war time? I tell you what it’s not that simple. The United States Military is the strongest force in the world. As a soldier you are trained to be strong, proud and fearless. That said coming home isn’t easy and many Soldiers struggle with adapting to civilian life. Wilderness Warriors is a non-profit that helps Veterans deal with the struggles of returning home and to their families after combat.

Wilderness Warriors was started by two cousins and their spouses. Each one of them has a story that connects them with a veteran or as a veteran. Whether it’s being a soldier, a son or a spouse, we want to share how we have been able to adapt and make life just a little better through the use of outdoor activities.

Wilderness Warriors was founded after years of camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, dirt bikes/ATVs and outdoor adventures with family, friends and other veterans. Tony (President and Veteran) and Bill (Vice President and son of a Vietnam Veteran) had wondered for years how they could help veterans and their families deal with the struggles of adapting to civilian life. A few things they came to realize are, that they had always made time to be with family and friends. Tony also discovered that the outdoor activities had brought him and his family closer and had helped him deal with his PTSD. Since Tony's departure from the military he and his family still manage to reunite with his military friends for every holiday and they get together for an annual Army Family Camp-out. Bill also had started an annual camping trip, which turned out to be almost all veterans from one branch or another. Still to this day they struggle with PTSD but have found a way to help deal with it. Now it is their turn to help you!

In March of 2015, they decided to start Wilderness Warriors and have been working to raise funds and spread the word and help veterans and their families. Wilderness Warriors wants Veterans to have the same opportunities that helped them reconnect with their family and friends.

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